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4 dedicated mentors for bespoke learning

Learn how to set yourself apart from other clinicians

Intense hands on weekends with the latest technology

Eduqual Accredited Diploma

4 dedicated mentors for bespoke learning





Forward thinking with powerful hindsight by some of the most prominent minds in UK dentistry

Rob Oretti

Periodontal treatment planning and hands-on crown lengthening

Jurgita Sybaite

Anatomy and hands-on composite shaping

Daniel Flynn

Advanced GDP endodontic protocols for maximum efficiency

Nadeem Younis

Orthodontic planning and an incredible innovative Hands-on fixed orthodontic practical

Kostas Karangiannopoulos

Advanced injection moulding with anterior wear cases and the dahl concept

Is this course for you?

This qualification is aimed at any GDP wanting to achieve the highest standards of simple and complex aesthetic dentistry

  • This comprehensive programme will give you a prestigious PG diploma in advanced aesthetics. The course consists of 15 intense hands on training days over 6 modules plus access to our incredible online content for short powerful revision learning videos
  • Topics are geared to elevate all aspects of your daily dentistry and improve confidence for planning and providing excellent quadrant, anterior and full arch treatments

  • The PG Diploma programme has been expertly curated by Prof Riaz Yar, Sanjay Sethi, Nik Sethi and Elaine Mo. Year one covers occlusion, treatment planning, aesthetic design, and direct and indirect contemporary solutions (including bioclear injection moulding and hands-on internal whitening). Year 2 covers multi-disciplinary planning with the management of wear, hands-on crown lengthening, orthodontic, perio and contemporary endo protocols to take your full arch planning to the next level
  • We believe in keeping small cohort numbers of 12-15 delegates and bringing consistency with our regular and world-class external speakers to ensure continued learning and growth in a supportive environment

£12,800 + VAT (Diploma)


Payment plans available**

Learning style & Assessment:

You will be guided through the course using high impact short lectures and more focus on hands-on learning

  • Through our online platform, you will have exclusive access to rewatch lectures and practicals during the programme
  • Assessments will be in the form of case discussions and presentations, written assessments and multiple choice style questions
  • Our mentors will be happy to assist you with treatment planning of your cases during the course for maximum integration with your daily dentistry

What will you achieve from this programme?

You will have the confidence, practical skills, and knowledge to plan and complete almost any restorative case in practice

  • The depth and breadth of knowledge you will learn from the course and reading will allow you to justify any treatment you carry out with a firm evidence base
  • You will develop confidence in documenting, and presenting cases and have opportunities to become part of the team of Elevate educators to help raise the standards of UK dentistry
  • Our London cohort will run exclusively in partnership with Dental Beauty dentists and all the materials and techniques taught will be fully integrated into your practice to ensure you maximise your learning and clinical success

We are happy to offer an exclusive discount for dental beauty delegates as part of our partnership

Course Modules:

Module 1 - Elevate foundations for aesthetics, treatment planning and patient communication

  • Creating the ideal examination, communication and TMD assessments for the foundations of any aesthetic plan
  • Occlusion, practical on record taking and digital workflows. The afternoon focusses on a phenomenal hands on photography session to elevate your documentation
  • Establishing a high end patient journey, letter writing, fee setting and lab communication

Module 2 - Elevate protocols for adhesive direct dentistry and the restoration of anterior wear

  • Adhesion and management of deep margins
  • Smilefast advanced activation course with Dr Tom Sealey for a high end workflow for stunning injection moulding smile makeovers
  • Hands on anterior composite class IV with a simplified layering technique. The afternoon focusses on bioclear injection moulding for resolving black triangles and class III cavities
  • Hands in posterior composite restorations in a tricky class II setting using a hybrid injection moulded/ layering Bioclear technique

Module 3 - Elevate prosthetic protocols for indirect restorations of the anterior and posterior dentition

  • Management of the dark and discoloured anterior incisor and protocols for internal whitening
  • Management of deep sub gingival caries – Deep margin elevation vs traditional crown lengthening
  • Hands on anterior crown preparations and precision made provisional restorations
  • Anterior ceramic workflow and hands on veneer preparations and a novel internal whitening practical
  • FIPO – Functional Indirect Posterior Onlays, a 1 day full hands on experience   of our famous internationally delivered onlay course.

Module 4 - Elevate Advanced Occlusion and Advanced Toothwear Management

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the principles of advanced occlusion and assessment in full arch cases
  • Management of anterior wear with a dahl approach part 1- smile design, assessment, lab communication and planning for composite or ceramic rehabilitation
  • Management of anterior wear with a dahl approach part 2 – hands on injection moulding with stents and predictable protocols for long term success

Module 5 - Elevate Advanced Aesthetics including Pink Aesthetics

  • Ortho restorative interface. Hands on training on fixed orthodontics for ideal bracket placement and planning ortho restorative cases with precision
  • Endodontic protocols for modern systems with extreme predictability. a full hands on experience with various file systems and obturation techniques
  • Perio restorative interface and the management of soft tissue in treatment planning. The afternoon focusses on hands on crown lengthening on pigs jaws

Module 6 - Elevate Advanced Prosthodontics and Advanced Multi-disciplinary - Endodontics and Orthodontics

  • Advanced anatomy and principles of anterior aesthetics for high end direct and indirect restorations
  • Principles for restoring dental implants and hands on training for predictable results
  • Hands on training with fixed bridge work both adhesive and conventional for stunning long term ceramic rehabilitations.

Ready to take the next step and apply?


PG Diploma: MODULES 1-6
£12,800 plus VAT

Payment plans available**




Manchester 2025 – AVAILABLE
Module 1. April 18th 19th 2025
Module 2. June 20th 21st 2025
Module 3. September 12th 13th 2025

  • What an incredible 2 years it has been! I'm truly blessed to have met such a great group of people who are not only colleagues, but family now. Since beginning this course, being around a group of such driven individuals has really motivated me to work as hard as I can, and work together to achieve a joint goal. The friendships and skills I've gained from this course i know will be invaluable and I will always look back at this time as a game changer. Thank you all for making this such an unforgettable experience. Nik, sanj, Riaz, Nat, Elaine and all other mentors, what an honour it has been to be taught and guided by who we consider the very best! It's been so refreshing to meet such genuine down to earth people, who genuinely just want us all to succeed and learn from their experiences. From the day I decided to sign up for the course and got interagated by Nik and Nat, maybe I had a slight thought of I've made a mistake, but I think I can say now I was wrong! The fun and energy you bring to our sessions has been so important in allowing us all to flourish in this environment. One day, we all hope yo be on the same god level as Ryaz, Nik and Sanj, we're all still a long way away 😂 Thanks guys for everything you have done for us, we really do appreciate all your time and effort and will not forget this journey! And most of all, thank you for allowing me to fulfil my life long dream of becoming a resident Dj! Dj Vj OUT! 🎤 👊🏼

    Viraj Patel Avatar Viraj Patel
    January 12, 2023

    I really enjoyed the course, team and wonderful people. It improved my knowledge of restorative dentistry. And it was delivered in a way which made it easy to understand.

    Viktorija Bird Avatar Viktorija Bird
    January 13, 2023

    So grateful to be apart of the elevate aesthetics diploma, especially as a young dentist! I have learnt so much from this course, it’s completely transformed the way I tackle dentistry in all areas, especially when it comes to smile design and makeovers. Overall I would highly recommend this course!!

    Dr Blanche Kadjo Avatar Dr Blanche Kadjo
    January 8, 2023
  • I can honestly say this is the best thing I have done for my career since graduating. As I’m coming close to nearly 10 years graduated I felt like I had sort of stalled with my learning, not knowing where to look to improve and what materials/techniques to try and that’s when I heard of this new ultra modern and unique course run by some of the best brains and hands in the country….. 🤩ELEVATE🤩 This is exactly what I needed and it has re-energised my career and also opened soooo many new opportunities as well as forming some amazing new friendships of which I rely on constantly for support and advice. I would recommend this course to anyone, your never too old or too young to learn something new and exciting with awesome people 👏👏👏

    Elgan Rees Avatar Elgan Rees
    January 12, 2023

    I think that this is without a doubt the best diploma course available. It seems there are becoming more and more dental courses every year, but I chose this course as I hugely respect the work riaz, sanj, nik and Elaine. I didn’t want to do a course that taught me old techniques I’ll never use, and Elevate certainly doesn’t do that! These guys are hugely generous with their time, knowledge, and social events! My level of understanding know is incomparable to what it was prior to the course, and I feel so much more confident that I can start to achieve the level of dentistry I want to be providing to my patients. So thank you guys for a great two years, and I wish it could be 2 years longer!

    Sam Chapman Avatar Sam Chapman
    January 12, 2023

    just finished 2 years with Elevate and honestly can't thank Nik Sanj Riyaz and Elaine enough for everything they've done for me. I had lost all my confidence after having a year off dentistry but it's been completely reinstalled and I actually love going to work now. they are great teachers and clinicians and have given me everything I needed to love dentistry again.

    Sophie Hughes Avatar Sophie Hughes
    January 13, 2023
  • I am about to finish the 2nd year of the Elevate diploma in Advanced Aesthetic dentistry and have had an amazing time over the past couple of years! From day one the guys at Elevate make you feel like you’re part of the family, and no question is ever a stupid one. The support I have received over the past two years has been second to none - I don’t know many courses where you can directly message the tutors to discuss cases, and receive instant feedback along with zoom calls for advanced treatment planning all in the same day! Not only has the diploma enhanced my confidence and skills, but it has also given me teaching opportunities within the Elevate faculty which have taken me across the country, including to the 2021 BACD conference in Edinburgh. In summary, I couldn’t recommend Elevate highly enough and I’m extremely sad that my two years of learning with them is coming to an end! Thank you guys!

    Josh Patel Avatar Josh Patel
    January 6, 2023