DB Clinical Academy of Excellence is Back! We are running 19 hands-on courses and have built an incredible library of videos for all delegates to watch for free throughout this year. As always it is first come first serve with a maximum of 15 spaces per course, details of all online videos will be shared prior to the course. We hope you enjoy learning and developing your clinical skills!

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Wow your patients:
Photography and Communication

28th January 2023

This course will aim to inspire GDPs to transform the way they communicate with patients, establish rapport and present stunning treatment plans which will help to dramatically increase treatment uptake and patient satisfaction. Dr Payman and Dr Sorabh will go through the basics for beautiful photography in daily dentistry with a full hands on practical session in the morning.

The afternoon will then cover the communication essentials for NHS patients and how to communicate private work through the correct framing of questions, presenting findings from photographs and effectively establishing rapport efficiently.

Aims and objectives:

  • Importance of dental photography
  • Knowing your equipment
  • Settings simplified and troubleshooting
  • Reducing the barriers to taking photos
  • Hands-on including portraits, intra-oral and lab work photography
  • Troubleshooting settings and setup for YOUR setup

Clear Aligner, Clear Journey, Ethical Selling

25th February 2023

This excellent course will focus the morning on orthodontic treatment planning, the ideal patient journey, efficient clinical workflows to help GDPs introduce clear aligner orthodontics and composite bonding into their daily dentistry.

Dr Charlie will also discuss the consent and communication protocols as well as giving clear advice on the treatment pathways for orthodontic treatment and composite bonding to provide a rapid increase in your ability to provide excellent cosmetic results and increased profitability for your practice

The end of the session will focus on ethical selling to help boost private income and treatment plan acceptance to allow clinicians to enjoy providing high end dental care

Minimal Prep Anterior Ceramic Veneers

4th March 2023

Modern lithium disilicate and porcelain veneers should no longer be seen as the more invasive option when rehabilitating smiles, especially when adding volume. Our ultra minimal preparation veneers incorporates precise protocols for planning, lab communication and a simplified surface adjustment rather than traditional preparations.

Through an understanding of material requirements, modern adhesive systems and aesthetic demands, clinicians can become confident in offering stunning long term ceramic smiles which have far less biological cost than traditional veneers, which require far less maintenance than composite options.

FLOW: A two day anterior and posterior composite masterclass

14th & 15th April 2023

This 2 day course will reset the foundations for clinicians, revisiting modern cavity designs for adhesive restorations, protocols for biofilm removal and using a simplified heated composite hybrid layering/injection moulding approach for efficient long lasting composite restorations.

Day 1 will focus on a simplified predictable class iv build up for beautiful composite bonding and also introduce injection moulding for post ortho black triangles

Day 2 will focus on modern posterior cavity design, for the class I and class II situations and a sectional matrix band hands on session with Bioclear followed by a single shade simplified 4 step layering process

FIPO: Functional Indirect Posterior Onlays

13th May 2023

Traditionally a 2 day course, but supplemented with the online content this has been reformatted to an intense 1 day course. We cover a full patient journey from occlusal assessments, adhesive protocols/IDS, hands on rubber dam training, modern preparation guidelines for ceramic restorations and cementation of an onlay with modern adhesive composite resins

This course will aim to provide GDPs with modern ceramic solutions to provide excellent conservative alternatives to crowns, and help improve private treatment uptake and clinical outcomes

Occlusion and TMD

3rd June 2023

The building blocks of any treatment plan starts with a sound understanding of the joints, muscles and being able to discern premature or unfavourable occlusal contacts. Prof Yar will go through practical exercises and protocols to help clinicians immediately improve their understanding of occlusal planning and which restorative cases need caution to avoid joint overloading and worsen TMD.

This is an unmissable course for any clinician wanting to provide good long term aesthetic treatment.

Smile Design and Injection Moulding Stunning Smiles

17th June 2023

This course will aim to outline the basics of smile design principles, and the incredible use of digital workflows in producing stents for injection moulding composite smiles. The predictability offered not only improves clinical reproducibility but is a fantastic treatment for increasing gross profit, especially when combined with whitening and clear aligner therapies.

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