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Fully hands on comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of composite restorations


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Elevate education and Smile Dental Academy bring you the two day FIPO short course: An innovative method for predictable functional and aesthetic onlays.

Elevate education and Smile Dental Academy bring you the two day FIPO short course: An innovative method for predictable functional and aesthetic onlays.


This two day intense hands on course starts with a basic occlusal assessment  to help you plan treatment and improve your ability to treat a whole quadrant.

Clear Preparation Protocols

We will be discussing how to maximise the aesthetic advantage with lithium disilicate and composite resin with modern margin designs and utilizing an adhesive advantage by understanding the latest bonding systems and the biological requirements of enamel and dentine.
This innovative hands on protocol will also allow delegates to practice deep margin elevation and masking deep stained colours, which can often ruin the final aesthetics of a translucent onlay.

Isolation and cementation

You will have a dedicated hands on session rubber dam and follow our protocol for cementation using heated composite for long term adhesive and aesthetic success.

Post cementation adjustments

The training will finish with a practical on precision adjustment protocols to achieve the ideal occlusal contacts without ruining your stunning anatomy. This will help you with your direct and indirect restorations in clinical practice and finishing a whole quadrant together.





Aims and objectives:

  1. Full hands-on practical on rubber dam with all restorations being placed under full isolation.
  2. Conservative management of black triangles using Bioclear black triangle matrices and heated composite for efficient, predictable aesthetic results.
  3. Addressing REAL clinical challenges we face when dealing with small failing class III cavities and ensuring provide an aesthetic, blended, high lustre restoration eliminating white lines.
  4. Learn to create an adhesively designed cavity preparation for the longevity of your new restoration.
  5. Dealing with asymmetric teeth proportions directly.
  6. Understanding the use of heated injection moulding technique and a structured shaping protocol for natural-looking restorations.


Aims and objectives:

  1. Revisit cavity design for the modern adhesive restorations and a full hands-on protocol for breaking contacts and shaping with precision.
  2. Hands-on to manage a large class II carious lesion from breaking contacts to the ideal cavity design.
  3. Addressing all the issues clinicians face with placement and use of sectional matrix bands to increase predictability and dramatically elevate daily dentistry.
  4. Using bespoke teeth with recreation of failing restorations of caries to build your confidence with real-life clinical challenges.
  5. Using heated injection molding for an efficient build-up protocol and managing contact points with absolute precision.
  6. Managing adjacent cavities and having a predictable protocol for efficient quadrant dentistry. Increase patient comfort, profitability, and efficiency.

The FIPO Protocol

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Leeds – 2nd & 3rd September 2021

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An amazing study day with Nik into anterior composite placement technique, equipment, isolation and his amazing polishing protocol. Nik was so approachable throughout and not just throwing photos of his work at us, but instead showing us ways that we can improve ours! I feel 100x more confident and can’t wait to put the skills Nik has taught me into practice with my composites.

Edward SimonFoundation Dentist

I have attended Elaine's courses in person and more recently on digital platforms and the one thing that is always present is her infectious love for Dentistry and teaching. Whether it is clinical or non-clinical topics, she gives simple tips and tricks that anyone can take away and utilise straight away and her great skill is being able to simplify difficult concepts and techniques. Elaine's approachable and humble style to teaching is demonstrated by the fact she is always a quick email/text away from being available for advice and guidance.

Dr Raja AkhtarBMedSci, BDS, MFDS RCSEd

Dr Sethi’s anterior composite course has informed me a great deal about isolation and adhesion of materials to produce high quality and long lasting restorations. In particular, the large hands on component was incredibly useful as we were able to understand and practice Dr Sethi’s anterior composite protocol. We were also able to ask any questions we had along the way! Excellent course for anyone wanting to take their dentistry to the next level!! I highly recommend it!

Dr Mariam Ghobrial